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January 8, 2022

Group Virtual Weight and body confidence workshop



It’s no real surprise that diets end up being ineffective methods of weight loss when they solely involve restricting calorific intake and staying away from the food you love. HypnoHIITS was created to offer the ultimate wellbeing service which will transform your relationship with food, exercise and self-confidence – forever.

By taking a more holistic approach to your weight loss and incorporating your emotional wellbeing into the process, you’ll achieve your body goals without fad diets which ultimately cause harm more than good. Our programme was specifically designed to aid comfort eater, based on the teaching of Marisa Peer who revolutionised the way the world thinks about food.

If you have fallen into the habit of Comfort Eating, Sabotage Eating, Delusional Eating or Sugar Addicted Eating, our customised programmes will offer all the help you need to break those bad habits.

Our 21-day programmes involve Rapid Transformational Therapy through hypnosis, virtual personal training sessions with exercises you can easily do from home and we’ll share healthy recipes which definitely won’t leave you with hunger pangs and watching the clock until your next meal.

A major part of effective weight loss is changing your mindset when it comes to food and wellbeing. Our chefs, therapists and personal trainers are here to give you the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals and ensure that you’re feeling positive in the process.

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How Do You Want to Achieve Your Body Goals?

We don’t work with a ‘one size fits all approach’ with our customers. We know that your relationship with food is personal which is why we allow our clients to choose the best method to suit them.

We offer four programmes which can be carried out with your chosen trainers:

Benefits to Choosing HypnoHIITS Instead of Dieting Alone

Traditional dieting methods can make those embarking on them feel isolated and as though they are unable to enjoy life as usual.

Sometimes, you will be able to find a friend to diet with you or head to the gym with you, but all too often, their commitment and determination affect your own. Therein lies the problem with traditional dieting and fitness regimes – they make you feel worse!

Whereas RTT gets to the root cause of any eating habit. Every habit is a series of actions dictated by thought. By changing your thought patterns and addressing your link pleasures in relation to training and eating well, your body will respond to it.

The old saying “You are what you eat” is a misconception. It is far more accurate to say that you are what you think. Which is why the HypnoHIITS programmes were developed to show you how to love the body you are in and be confident with your size and skin. With our support and guidance, you’ll find new understanding and develop a new dialog with yourself which will empower you to reach your goals, easily and effortlessly.

Our 21-day programmes aren’t designed to restrict you, they’re developed to equip you with the tools, knowledge and self-confidence to lose weight healthily, all the while allowing you to find likeminded people who want to radically transform their bad habits when it comes to personal health.

About Us

At HypnoHIITS, you get the option of joining virtual live weight and body confidence workshops and group Rapid Transformation Therapy Sessions (RTT) – so you will never feel like you’re going solo – your fellow HypnoHIITERS are with you every step of the way!

Each one of our members is committed to making diets and an unhealthy relationship with our bodies a thing of the past. Additionally, each of our members is invited (and encouraged) to join our Facebook group where you’ll find success stories, the additional motivation that you are looking for and an incredible support network who are always there for you if you need an extra confidence boost! At HypnoHIITS, we celebrate each other’s successes as much as our own!

The virtual sessions are paired with a 21-day downloadable high-intensity training (HIIT) with our personal trainers who share our mission of promoting holistic wellbeing. HIIT workout regimes have proven beneficial to a wide range of people, whether you’re used to hitting the gym every day or it is the first time in years that you’ve set the intention of working out, you will find the workouts easy to follow, you’ll find them effective too! Furthermore, once you start the programme, you will find that the cardiovascular workout strategy doesn’t take all too much time out of your day!

We will also provide you with gorgeous recipes which have been carefully developed by our in-house Chef, Adrian Luckie who has years of experience creating recipes which perfectly complement your workout regimes. You’ll get all the nutrients you need to go full steam!

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