Our Mission

To end the constant rollercoaster of dieting that does not work for anyone, and make healthy living and body confidence a way of life.

Who We Are

HypnoHIITS was founded by Tina and Adrian, from a mutual passion to help others make healthy lifestyle choices. 

Adrian has worked in numerous high-end West End restaurants in London, such as Sugar Reef and Cafe Royal, and was Head Chef and Co Founder of Paper Nightclub.  Adrian then created ‘Mamas Jerk’, a Caribbean food brand with three locations in London, including the only black owned Caribbean food brand in Canary Wharf. 

Tina was already doing weight and body confidence workshops and HIITS training when they met. So together they came up with the idea of working with the three key elements of the HypnoHIITS programme; mind, body and food. 

“We absolutely love creating healthy alternatives that our whole family can enjoy. It’s so fun getting the children involved with us, enjoying cooking and eating nutritious and great tasting food, without the guilt and weight gain.

About Hypno Hiits

Move Away From Dieting

Let us help you to step off that dieting treadmill, into a life of healthy living.

Hypnohiits Founder

Tina Gray

Tina Gray is the founder of HypnoHIITS and the head trainer at the school of rapid transformation therapy, her practice is informed by the revolutionary teachings of famous therapist, Marisa Peer.

Throughout her career, she has trained thousands of rapid transformation therapists on the benefits of RTT which is designed to get to the root cause of a wide range of presenting problems including illness, addiction and trauma. Tina made the application of RTT in relation to weight-loss and body image her speciality.

RTT is an effective method of challenging limiting beliefs and mindsets, it allows clients to follow a solution-based approach and strengthen the relationship with their subconscious mind. In relation to weight loss, RTT can allow clients to find the root cause of their emotional eating or any other problematic relationships with health and wellness.

Having used the Marisa Peer method to achieve a healthy relationship with her own body and gaining advanced qualifications in weight management, Tina Gray has all the compassion, experience, knowledge and understanding to help you on your weight loss journey.

Tina Gray
Adrian Luckie
In-house Chef

Adrian Luckie

Adrian Luckie is an award-winning highly acclaimed Chef, he’s worked alongside celebrity chefs such as The Hairy Bikers and In 2019, he appeared on the Kirstie Allsopp Christmas cooking show as a judge.

In 2009, he established his own successful restaurant, Mamas Jerk LTD, now, he’s using talents not only to tantalise tastebuds, but also to transform lives by helping our clients form positive relationships with their food.

Adrian has spent years coming up with the perfect formula in his recipes which allows them to offer high nutrition value without ever compromising on the taste.

Our Trainers

Our personal trainers will be with you from day 1 to 21, helping you to find the mental resilience required to get to the finishing line.

Enjoy the process and make sure that you can carry that motivation with you after the 21-day programme ends, or upgrade to one of our more advanced programmes to continue beyond 21 days.

Amelia Layng

My workouts are low intensity, for beginners or for anyone with an injury or little niggles, to ease you back in to looking after your body, inside out.

Richard Ampaw

Get ready to revamp your abs. I’m a strength and conditioning specialist, targeting your abs to build a strong core to give you a more erect posture, and overall body…

Rosie Marsh

With a background in dance, my workouts are high intensity. I focus on body conditioning: Strength, balance and flexibility to tone and sculpt your body.